Stone Mountain Sound

Stone Mountain Sound is a mobile recording company based in Portland, ME.  Working in genres from classical to rock and roll, we provide studio grade recording on location all across New England. 

With the prevalence and ease of digital consoles featuring USB connectivity, why spend the extra money to hire Stone Mountain Sound to capture your event? Because you know that computers are fallible and the cost, time, and knowledge needed to design and implement a reliable, redundant, and great sounding system is prohibitive. When you hire Stone Mountain Sound you get just that: a great sounding, redundant, networked system based around the proven and ubiquitous Dante protocol. This system, utilizing gear from Focusrite’s RedNet series of products, gives Stone Mountain Sound the flexibility to not only interface directly with a digital console but also to use external conversion, allowing for easy augmentation of the house split. It also allows for the distribution of high track counts over many computers, providing necessary redundancy and reducing risk in particularly complex situations. Capture of live events doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, though. Shoot us an email today and lets talk about how easy it can be.

“I have recorded two comedy CDs with Pat. This guy really goes the extra mile. He is a delight to work with, and guess what? The listeners get a great listen.”
-Paula Poundstone, comedian

“I've worked with Pat many times and in many different settings. Whether in a studio or live performance setting Pat has gifted ears that few possess.”
-Leigh Gibson of the the Gibson Brothers

“Pat is one of the best engineers I get to work with. Whether it's live or recorded, I'm always confident that it'll be "right", which is a huge part of getting the most out of a bunch of musicians."
-Duke Levine, guitarist